Close-up of champagne being poured into a glass, capturing the lively bubbles and vibrant colors.
Artistic oil painting detail showing the serene blue shadows of olive branches.
Intricate detail showcasing the texture and depth of acrylic pouring in a champagne-themed painting

Champagne’s Sparkling Journey | Original Painting



“Champagne’s Sparkling Journey,” a 48×24 canvas by Monica, captures the exuberant essence of celebration with a mesmerizing pour of champagne, its lively bubbles and reflective gleam embodying life’s sparkling moments. This piece marries the fluidity of acrylic with the finesse of oil paint, inviting viewers to toast to the memories and milestones that make life truly vibrant.

Hybrid Fluid Realism painting of champagne being poured into a glass with an olive tree shadow in the background.
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Champagne Sparkling Spumante Cava Painting

Spanish Born & Colorado Artist Monica Marquez Gatica

“Champagne’s Sparkling Journey” is an enchanting 48×24 canvas painting by Monica that exudes the joy and celebration intrinsic to life’s most cherished moments. This work of art, in her renowned Hybrid Fluid Realism style, captures not just the eye but the effervescence of the human spirit in its portrayal of champagne being poured into a waiting glass.

The focal point of this masterpiece is the stream of champagne, its bubbles captured mid-dance as they cascade into the glass, a dynamic interplay of movement frozen in time. Monica’s skillful use of acrylic pouring breathes life into the champagne’s liquid journey, creating a symphony of tiny effervescent spheres that seem to leap from the canvas and fizz into the air. This technique, combined with the refined control of traditional oil painting, results in a composition that is both grounded and whimsical.

The olive tree, a symbol of peace and friendship, casts a secondary yet significant shadow in the background, anchoring the scene in a moment of celebration that is both personal and shared. The long shadow of the glass, stretching across the canvas, speaks to the long-lasting memories that such celebrations create, enduring well beyond the initial clink of glasses.

“Champagne’s Sparkling Journey” is a testament to those fleeting seconds that, when pieced together, form the mosaic of our lives. It is a visual ode to the milestones achieved, the friendships honored, and the successes toasted. Monica invites the viewer to recall the pop of a cork, the laughter-filled toast, and the collective cheer that follows, reminding us that it is these instances that make life truly worth living.

Within this piece, there lies an inherent invitation to pause and reflect, to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of now, and to celebrate the myriad of occasions that bring us joy. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand festivity, Monica’s painting serves as a timeless reminder that every second is an opportunity to create a memory, to savor the journey, and to bask in the effervescent beauty of life.