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Custom Artworks

Discover the Magic of Custom Commissions by Monica:

With each brushstroke, there is a connection; through every bottle, your celebrations become immortalized. Your unique painting goes beyond mere color — it will capture the essence of your story, into a reflection of love, laughter, and life’s fleeting moments. In my art, the vibrant character of wine & spirts merges with human experience, creating pieces that remind you of the profound bonds and joyful toasts that define our existence. These aren’t just paintings; they’re personal narratives, meticulously captured in art.

Celebrating Your Story: Collaboratively Crafting Timeless Artistry Just for You.

Embark on a Journey of Custom Equine and Animal Portraits by Monica:

Each creation begins with a vision, capturing the essence of your beloved animal companions as they come to life on canvas. These portraits are more than mere images—they are a celebration of the unique bond between humans and animals, embodying the unspoken language of love, loyalty, and shared moments of joy. 

The Process:

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1️⃣ Look at general size and price range 2️⃣ Submit the form 3️⃣ I’ll reach-out and we’ll work together to design the perfect painting.

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    Adorn your walls with a unique and exquisite handcrafted paintings

    The beauty of handmade art, captured in every brush stroke

    From the Artist

    “I am honored to see my creations add to the conversations and connections in collectors homes.”

    - Monica

    What is the turnaround time?

    Is there a down payment or do I just pay at the end?

    How is shipping handeled?

    • Shipping within the United States and Canada is conveniently included in the purchase price of your painting. For international destinations, I am happy to share the shipping costs with you, which will be detailed in your proposal. With a track record of successful global deliveries, your artwork’s safe arrival is my priority, which is why I ship with insurance for added peace of mind. While I primarily use FedEx and USPS for shipping, I’m open to accommodating special requests to ensure your painting arrives as you need it to.

    Do you have a revision policy?

    Do you paint portraits of people?