Acrylic pouring detail on Lustau wine bottle painting with vibrant cells and textures contrasting with crisp lettering
Oil painting of Lustau Manzanilla sherry bottle with vivid acrylic textures and crisp label details
Close-up of a painted Lustau sherry glass with vibrant acrylic details and precise lettering against a dark backdrop
Oil and acrylic painting close-up of amber sherry with dynamic textures in a glass, embodying hybrid fluid realism
Elegant oil painting detail of a wine glass stem with reflective light and shadow play, set against a textured acrylic backdrop in the bottle
Close-up of a wine glass stem on canvas, showcasing intricate oil painting techniques and reflections

Spirit of Andalusia – Bodegas Lustau


Where Sherry Tradition Meets Canvas: The Lustau Story Unfolds.

“Spirit of Andalusia – Bodegas Lustau” by Monica Marquez Gatica is a tribute to the renowned Lustau winery and the artist’s hometown of Jerez, Spain. On this 24 x 48 IN canvas, traditional oil painting meets vibrant acrylic pours. This captures the warmth and soul of Andalusian sherry culture. This painting also celebrates not just a drink, but the joy and community it brings.

Painting of Lustau sherry bottle and glass on table capturing the essence of Jerez winemaking.
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Wine Art

This artwork beautifully narrates the enchanting tale of sherry. It also pays tribute to the storied Lustau Bodega—a symbol of the deep-rooted winemaking traditions and artisanal skill from the artist’s native Jerez, Spain. Created following a poignant trip back to her roots, as detailed in her evocative blog post, this painting is steeped in the cultural that tie Monica to her Andalusian heritage.

Essence of Lustau Through Art

The artwork serves as a vivid tranquil scene, conjuring the rustic charm of the hallowed stillness of Lustau’s corridors.  Within the composition, a bottle of wine stands sentinel, its label a testament to the winery’s rich lineage since 1896. Beside it, the poised wineglass brims with the light, crisp notes of a sherry that whispers tales of coastal breezes and the artful blend of age-old solera systems. The wine’s luminous golden hue refracting through a finely rendered glass, captures the amber glow of the fine Papirusa manzanilla, that mirrors the warmth of the Andalusian coast.

Rustic Elegance Capturing Lustau’s Timeless Stillness

Each brushstroke is a tribute to the solace found in the cool, fragrant air of Lustau Bodega. This complements the symphony of flavors encountered through a curated tasting journey—from the delicate almond notes of Fino Jarana to the lush, raisin-like depth of Pedro Ximénez. This piece is more than a painting; it is a sensory experience that mirrors the very act of savoring a glass of Jerez’s liquid gold.

Celebration and Connection

– As this piece adorns your space, it offers more than a glimpse into the heart of Jerez—it brings forth an enduring connection to the celebrations of life, the good times that wine has commemorated for generations, and the personal journey of an artist whose every stroke is imbued with the soul of her Andalusian homeland.

Hybrid Fluid Realism

In a dance of fluidity and form, this piece embodies Monica’s signature hybrid fluid realism style. The sherry bottle and its contents are rendered using an acrylic pouring technique. This invites the viewer to gaze closer and discover the abstract cells and intermingling colors that evoke the complex notes of Lustau’s storied sherries. These vibrant acrylic details contrast with the details.  Monica’s skill is on display as she meticulously painted the bodega scene, label, lettering, and glasswork in traditional oils.