Armand de Brignac Gold Champagne


“Armand de Brignac Gold Champagne: Where Fine Art Meets Fine Bubbles.”

“Armand de Brignac Gold Champagne” by Monica Fine Art is an explosion of elegance and opulence, employing her distinct Fluid Hybrid Realism style. The bottle is carefully depicted in traditional oils while the background benefits from an acrylic pour, alive with metallic gold. This painting pops, fully capturing the essence of this iconic champagne.

Original. Signed with Certificate
Canvas Reproduction (-$425)
12 x 16
There is only one original!!
12 x 16 (+$135)
18 x 24 (+$185)
24 x 32 (+$260)
30 x 40 (+$345)
Canvas Wrap PRO Innovative Product Design adds a level of sophistication to your walls with the highest quality canvas. Quality Canvas with these key features: Patented Design | 1.25” Depth | Order to Size. Finished Backing | Corner Bumpers | and Metal Screw Fasteners. Monica Fine Art Canvas Giclee are printed with latex paints, and built with a solid supported face which prevents sagging or warping over time. We ensure your canvas will always look as tight and flat as the day it was made.
16 x 20 (+$75)
Professionally paired and constructed with a Printed Image along with Conservation Mat Board. Ready for framing. IMAGE: Professionally printed, gloss finish on premium digital paper Basis Weight of 100# | M Weight 95 | GSM 270. MAT BOARD: Premium quality, 100% virgin alpha cellulose acid-free white matts, lignin-free and meets the industry’s highest standards for conservation matting. (note: frame not included)
Mirrored Wrap = Reflection of the image onto edges.
1.25-Inch Gallery Wrap
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“Armand de Brignac Gold Champagne” by Monica Fine Art is more than a painting, it’s a celebration of art, champagne, and the exquisite moments of life. This piece captures the essence of the world-renowned Armand de Brignac Gold Champagne, known for its grandeur, elegance, and unparalleled taste.

Using traditional oil techniques, Monica has faithfully represented the iconic Armand de Brignac bottle with incredible detail. The golden hues of the bottle are beautifully captured, reflecting the prestige and luxurious appeal of this celebrated champagne.

Contrasting the meticulously rendered bottle, the acrylic-poured background showcases Monica’s inventive Fluid Hybrid Realism style. This method introduces an element of spontaneity and dynamism, providing an abstract counterpoint to the realism of the bottle. The metallic golds in the backdrop shimmer and shift under different lighting conditions, enhancing the artwork’s visual impact.

This painting is not merely a representation, it encapsulates the spirit of celebration inherent to champagne, particularly Armand de Brignac Gold. It’s a salute to the elegance of high-end spirits, the art of celebration, and the joy of life’s special occasions, making it an outstanding addition to any art or champagne connoisseur’s collection.

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