Close-up of the textured label on a Jerez Valdespino Sherry bottle in a realistic painting
Detailed view of acrylic pour technique on a Sherry wine bottle painting, showcasing intricate patterns and textures.
Intricate detail of a Sherry wine bottle and glass shadow in a contemporary realist painting.
Detailed oil painting capturing the reflective sheen and shadow of a glass of Jerez Sherry

Luminous Sherry – The Jerez Silhouette | Original Painting



“Luminous Sherry – The Jerez Silhouette,” by Monica is an exquisite canvas that captures the tranquil essence of her native Jerez, marrying the rich tradition of Sherry with the reflective calm of evening repose. The painting’s interplay of shadow and light invites a moment of serene contemplation, echoing the peaceful surrender to the night’s embrace.

Realistic acrylic and oil painting of a Jerez Sherry wine bottle and glass casting a long shadow on a canvas.
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Wine Painting

Spanish Born & Colorado Artist Monica Marquez Gatica

“Luminous Sherry – The Jerez Silhouette,”  an exquisite original painting by Monica, stretches gracefully across a 48×24 canvas, encapsulating the spirit of Jerez, Spain, in an interplay of shadow and light, fluidity and form. Monica, drawing from her deep roots in Jerez, infuses this piece with the very essence of her homeland—its golden sunsets, its rich traditions, and its treasured Sherry.

This artwork is a tribute to the timeless ritual of evening relaxation that Sherry brings to life. As the sun dips below the horizon in Jerez, there’s a collective exhale, a softening of the day’s sharp edges, The painting’s technique—a harmonious blend of acrylic pouring and traditional oil—mirrors the complexity and depth found in a glass of fine Sherry. The fluidity of the acrylic captures the dynamic nature of the wine, an ever-shifting dance of color and light. The oil technique, used for the precision lettering, glass, and shadows, brings a sense of calmness and an acknowledgment of the meticulous care that goes into both the creation of art and the cultivation of fine wine.

Monica’s paintings are more than a visual experience; it’s an invitation to partake in a sensory journey. As a child of Jerez, she understands the transformative power of the region’s Sherry. With every brushstroke, she paints a picture of evening repose, where each sip of Sherry is an act of communion with the land and its rhythms.

The canvas becomes a window into the soul of Jerez, the long shadows a metaphor for the passage of time, reminding us that as the day ends, the true magic of life begins to unfold. The Sherry’s silhouette, a dark outline against the warm backdrop, represents the bridge between day and night, a silhouette of serenity against the complexities of daily life. Through Monica’s eyes, we are all invited to slow down, to appreciate the nuanced beauty of Jerez, and to remember that within each moment of tranquility, there lies the potential for deep joy and contentment.