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Exterior view of the architectural marvel, El Gallo Azul.

Jerez’s historic gem: the striking exterior of El Gallo Azul.

My first brush with this hometown iconic landmark was a blend of history and art. In this second part, I invite you to dive deeper into the tapestry that makes up El Gallo Azul, unraveling it not just as a monument, but as a living entity pulsating with life, flavors, and tales untold.

Bottle of Palo Cortado de Jerez alongside a poured glass at El Gallo Azul.

A moment of refinement with Palo Cortado de Jerez, elegantly presented at El Gallo Azul.

From Insider’s Lens

While most of Jerez’s inhabitants and visitors are familiar with El Gallo Azul’s ground floors, I had the rare privilege of exploring the untouched third floor and the rooftop, still under construction. The vastness, the aura of exclusivity, and the promise of what these spaces will transform into is palpable. These sections, with their panoramic views, are poised to become Jerez’s most sought-after spaces, marrying the city’s skyline with avant-garde luxury.

Monica poised at the doorway leading to El Gallo Azul's rooftop

Monica, on the cusp of embracing the expansive world beyond, at the rooftop exit of El Gallo Azul.

Lavish interior view of El Gallo Azul, showcasing its ornate detailing and architectural beauty.

The heart of El Gallo Azul: a stunning display of its luxurious interior

Family, Wines, and Whispers of the Past

The heart of any establishment is its people, and it’s here that my personal connection to El Gallo Azul becomes even more intimate. My cousin, Jose Luis, proudly manages the operations here. Through our cherished conversations, as we delved into wines that speak the language of this land, there were moments when the past, present, and future of El Gallo Azul seamlessly merged. My camera captured these vignettes, moments where history whispered tales into the ears of the present. And as an artist, these visuals offered inspiration, teasing me with the possibility of them transforming into evocative paintings in the days to come.

Monica and cousin Jose Luis posing in the lounge area of El Gallo Azul.

Monica and Jose Luis, cherishing a moment in the elegant lounge of El Gallo Azul.

A Culinary Odyssey

El Gallo Azul is not just about wines or breathtaking views. It promises a gastronomic odyssey that’s bound to enthrall. The gourmet food offerings, crafted meticulously, are a testament to the culinary excellence that Jerez stands for. Every dish is not just a treat to the palate but also a journey into the region’s rich culinary tapestry.

Looking Ahead

As I stood on the rooftop, with the winds whispering tales of bygone eras, I could envision the future of El Gallo Azul. Once completed, this space will redefine luxury and exclusivity. Imagine sipping on the finest wines, relishing gourmet dishes, all while the city unfolds below in a mesmerizing dance of lights, sounds, and shadows. I hear a rooftop venue space for small concerts in on the horizons. So, stay tuned as the past and future unfold to celebrate the legacy and future of El Gallo Azul.

Rooftop view showcasing the cityscape behind the iconic El Gallo Azul sign.

A panoramic view of Jerez from El Gallo Azul’s rooftop, framed by the iconic signage.

Panoramic rooftop view with Plaza Arenal in the distant horizon.

Gazing from El Gallo Azul’s rooftop, the vast expanse of Jerez unfolds, leading the eye to the illustrious Plaza Arenal.


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Aerial view of El Gallo Azul's iconic rooftop against the Jerez cityscape.

From the skies above: The distinctive pinnacle of El Gallo Azul.

Array of Jerez wine bottles in a neat lineup.

Celebrating Jerez’s vinous legacy: A curated selection of its finest wines