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See creativity and bourbon blend beautifully as Monica turns Blanton’s Whiskey into inspiring art.

In the heart of bourbon country, where the spirit of the racehorse runs as deep and as proud as the tradition of whiskey-making, Monica’s love for Andalusian horses and painting bourbons is captured in her latest painting, “Golden Ambrosia: The Blanton’s Edition.” The canvas, a dance between the fiery hues of red and orange, sets the backdrop for a bottle of Blanton’s—The Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. This isn’t just any depiction of bourbon; it’s a vibrant nod to Kentucky’s rich heritage, a bold testament to the essence of craftsmanship, and a representation of history in a bottle.


Monica’s signature style, which she aptly terms “Fluid Hybrid Realism,” is a symphony played on canvas, a two-part harmony that begins with a free-flowing pour of acrylics and ends with the deliberate stroke of oil paints. The technique is a fascinating one; it brings out the controlled chaos of nature, the organic shapes that form the undercurrent of her art, and the precision required to bring a subject like Blanton’s to life.

In “Golden Ambrosia,” the acrylics swirl together to create a liquid of whisky that almost seems to move, with the whiskey’s rich amber hue glows warmly, inviting the viewer to come closer, to appreciate the liquid gold that rests within. It’s as if the very spirit contained within the Blanton’s bottle, capturing the intensity and passion that go into the distillation of this revered bourbon.

The focus then shifts to the striking realism of the bottle itself, crafted with oils. The glasswork is intricate. The label, a defining feature of any distinguished spirit, is rendered with such detail that one can almost feel the texture of the paper, the smoothness of the oil as if it was ink. Monica has taken particular care in depicting the Blanton’s iconic horse and jockey stopper, symbolizing the storied link between bourbon and Kentucky’s equestrian legacy. The metallic sheen of the stopper, contrasted against the vivid background, speaks volumes of her deft hand and eye for nuance.

This piece is more than a painting; it’s a narrative. Each of the small horse figures, eternally frozen mid-gallop around the bottle’s base, contributes to this sense of story, each one a character in a larger tale that encompasses tradition, quality, and the race toward excellence. “Golden Ambrosia” is the first of a series of bourbon-themed paintings authorized by the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Monica Marquez Gatica, through her skill, offers us more than a mere visual experience; she offers an invitation into a world where art and bourbon speak the same language of legacy and passion.

This blog post would merely be a prelude to what Monica will unfold in her upcoming works, where each canvas promises to tell its own part of this intoxicating tale. Stay tuned as we anticipate her next creation, and in the meantime, let “Golden Ambrosia: The Blanton’s Edition” serve as a toast—to art, to bourbon, and to the stories they both tell.