A detailed view of a textured bourbon bottle with a dynamic orange background in a realism painting
depiction of a Blanton's bourbon bottle top with a horse and jockey.

Golden Ambrosia – The Blanton’s Edition

“Savor the fusion of Kentucky heritage and Spanish artistry”

“Golden Ambrosia: The Blanton’s Edition” is a strikingly detailed 30×48 canvas painting by Monica Marquez Gatica, celebrating the shared spirit of Kentucky’s bourbon. The artwork captivates with its hybrid fluid realism portrayal of a Blanton’s bourbon bottle, crowned by a horse and jockey stopper, symbolizing the rich equestrian culture—a nod to the artist’s Spanish roots and love for Andalusian horses. The whiskey liquid is rendered in dynamic shades of acrylic pouring, contrasts with the meticulous oil-painted details of the bottle and galloping horse figurines encircling its base, encapsulating a story of passion, tradition, and the meticulous craft of bourbon-making. This piece invites viewers to immerse themselves in a narrative that bridges continents, capturing the essence of legacy through the universal language of fine art and fine spirits.


Limited Reproduction (-$3,000)
30 x 48 (+$0)
25 x 40 (+$450)
Limited Premium Canvas Giclée.
There is only one size, and it is a limited quantity canvas reproductions. (Series Total of 50). Each is signed, and numbered (1-50) by Monica. Key features you want, include:

1.25 Thick”: Giving your artwork a bold depth & a standout look.
Durable Finish: Comes with a finished backing, protective corner bumpers, and sturdy metal screw fasteners.
Latex Printing: Vibrant and long-lasting.
Solid Supported Face: Guarantees against sagging or warping. Your canvas stays as tight and flat as the day it arrives.
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This is a captivating testament to the timeless allure of fine spirits, as envisioned by Monica. In this 30×48 piece, she employs her signature style of hybrid fluid realism, masterfully blending photorealistic detail with flowing, abstract elements that suggest motion and transformation.

At the heart of the composition sits an impeccably rendered bottle of Blanton’s, the original single barrel bourbon whiskey, its label and signature horse stopper depicted with remarkable precision. The warm amber hues of the bourbon are mirrored in the ethereal, fiery backdrop, evoking the rich and mellow flavors of the spirit. Below, the bourbon’s essence seems to spill over into the reality of the viewer’s space, with a series of sculptures that come to life, embodying the vigor and grace of Kentucky’s equestrian heritage.

“Golden Ambrosia: The Blanton’s Edition” has been brought to life with the gracious permission of Buffalo Trace Distillery, the proud custodians of Blanton’s Bourbon heritage. Following its unveiling, the piece quickly captivated the attention of art enthusiasts and bourbon aficionados alike, resulting in a sale to a discerning private collector.

To share the beauty of this exclusive work with a wider audience, a strictly limited edition of just 50 reproductions has been made available. Each reproduction is the embodiment of the original’s spirit, offered at one select size only to maintain the integrity and impact of the initial composition. This very limited series provides collectors the rare opportunity to own a piece of Monica Marquez Gatica’s celebrated work, alongside a slice of bourbon legacy.

This is more than a painting; it’s a sensory journey that bridges the gap between the tangible and the imagined, inviting connoisseurs and art lovers alike to a visual feast that celebrates the craft of bourbon-making and the art of painting with equal reverence.