Intimate view of the acrylic pouring elements in 'Petrus Horizon Harmony', showcasing the dynamic movement of hyper fluid realism.
Close-up of the oil-painted details in Monica Marquez Gatica's 'Petrus Horizon Harmony' showcasing hyper fluid realism.

Horizon Harmony


In life’s rich tapestry, each sip is a thread of unmatched elegance.

In “Horizon Harmony,” Monica Marquez Gatica unveils her signature hybrid fluid realism. The wine bottle and its contents, vividly rendered in acrylic pouring, juxtapose the intricately detailed sky, glass, and label executed in traditional oil. This blend showcases a mesmerizing interplay between fluid spontaneity and meticulous control. The artwork serves as a poetic union of old-world elegance and contemporary flair.

Hybrid Fluid Realism painting by Monica Marquez Gatica featuring a Petrus Pomerol wine bottle with a vivid sunset backdrop.
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Monica Marquez Gatica, a venerated artist in the world of contemporary art, presents “Horizon Harmony,” a painting that encapsulates the essence of both the wine connoisseur’s palate and the art aficionado’s critique. Meticulously crafted, this painting embodies the sublime blend of the world-famous Pomerol wine, renowned for its rich Bordeaux heritage, deep ruby hues, and sumptuous, full-bodied flavor profile. Utilizing her signature hybrid fluid realism, Monica employs acrylic pouring – a modern art technique revered for its unpredictable, organic patterns – to capture the wine’s effervescent allure. In stark, complementary contrast, the sky, glass, and intricate label details are rendered in traditional oil paint, a nod to the timeless methods that have long dominated the fine art landscape.

The painting offers a sensory journey, inviting viewers to experience the ethereal sunsets of Pomerol’s famed vineyards, where the soil’s unique terroir imparts the wine’s distinctive character and unparalleled complexity. This artwork is not merely a celebration of the illustrious wine but also a testament to the harmonious fusion of old-world craftsmanship and modern artistry. As wine enthusiasts seek to deepen their knowledge of rare vintages and the stories behind them, “Horizon Harmony” provides an immersive portal into the storied lineage of one of the world’s most sought-after wines.

For collectors, investors, and enthusiasts alike, this piece promises not only an aesthetic delight but also serves as a touchstone for discussions about wine’s evolving role in the landscape of luxury, culture, and art. As the lines between fine wine appreciation and high art appreciation increasingly blur, Monica Marquez Gatica’s “Horizon Harmony” stands as an emblematic masterpiece at this intersection.