Karma Champagne


“Reflections of Luxury: Metallic Pouring in KARMA CHAMPAGN”

“KARMA CHAMPAGN” by Monica Fine Art is a visually striking piece, exhibiting her unique Fluid Hybrid Realism style. The meticulously oil-rendered bottle sits in sharp contrast against a dynamically poured acrylic background, rich with metallic hues. This vibrant depiction captures the luxury and exclusivity of the Victor & Charles ‘Karma’ Champagne, resulting in a painting that truly pops.

Original. Signed with Certificate
Canvas Reproduction (-$425)
12 x 16
12 x 16 (+$135)
18 x 24 (+$185)
24 x 32 (+$260)
30 x 40 (+$345)
The canvas has these benifits * Innovative Product Design adds a level of sophistication to your walls with the highest quality canvas. * MMGARTSTUDIO Canvas Glicee are built with a solid, supported face which prevents sagging or warping over time. We ensure your canvas will always look as tight and flat as the day it was made * Finished Backing | Corner Bumpers | Metal Screw Fasteners included
16 x 20 (+$75)
Mirrored Wrap = Reflection of the image onto edges.
1.25-inch Gallery Wrap
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“KARMA CHAMPAGNE” by Monica Fine Art is a celebration of luxury, sophistication, and artistry. This exquisite painting captures the essence of the Victor & Charles ‘Karma’ Champagne, one of the world’s most exclusive champagnes, limited to just a thousand pieces.

At the heart of the painting is the Karma Champagne bottle, intricately depicted in traditional oil painting techniques. Monica’s attention to detail is on full display, capturing the bottle’s unique design, down to the diamond incorporated into the Victor & Charles logo. The realistic rendering reflects the perfection sought by Filip, the owner of Victor & Charles, in creating a ‘Cuvée de prestige’ – a champagne that is exceptional not only in taste but also in presentation.

The background, created through an innovative use of acrylic pouring, is a vibrant mix of metallic hues, offering a stunning contrast to the detailed oil-rendered bottle. The shimmering backdrop mirrors the effervescence and luxurious experience of sipping Karma Champagne, making the painting come alive.

“KARMA CHAMPAGNE” transcends traditional art, inviting viewers into a world of fine dining and luxury spirits. The painting encapsulates the sophistication of enjoying premium champagne, an experience often associated with celebrating life’s special moments. This piece is not just a painting; it is an invitation to appreciate the art of champagne making and the joy of savoring it – all within the realm of fine art.


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