Detail of Monica Marquez Gatica's painting showing a champagne bottle's neck with the cork and a glass with reflected scenery
Close-up of Veuve Clicquot champagne bottle label in Monica Marquez Gatica's painting.
Painting detail by Monica Marquez Gatica featuring the neck of a Veuve Clicquot bottle with a mountainous background.

Start of a Perfect Evening

“Start of a Perfect Evening,” a striking 24×48 inch canvas creation by Monica Márquez Gatica, celebrates the spirit of festivity with its portrayal of a champagne bottle poised before the tranquil Boulder’s Flat Iron mountains. In this piece, Monica employs her renowned Hybrid Fluid Realism style to animate the champagne with vivid acrylic pours that mimic the lively dance of fizzing bubbles. The bottle and glass, detailed through precise oil painting, reflect her unwavering commitment to detail, crafting a visual experience that is both lifelike and enchanting. The mountains in the soft-focus background provide a peaceful contrast, enhancing the composition’s festive theme. This artwork beckons the viewer to join in the toast, capturing the essence of joyous occasions and the elegance inherent in times of celebration. As part of a narrative series, “Start of a Perfect Evening” is more than just a painting; it is an artistic homage to life’s delightful moments and the cherished memories that come with them. This exquisite reproduction invites collectors to immerse themselves in the vibrant essence of celebration encapsulated within Monica’s artistry.

Canvas Reproduction (-$2,000)
Photo Matted Print
Photo Matted Print (-$2,000)
24 x 48
There is only one original!!
10 x 20 (+$140)
15 x 30 (+$260)
24 x 48 (+$330)
30 x 60 (+$850)
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In the heart of the effervescent city, where the skyline met the caress of the setting sun, there stood a gallery, its walls whispering tales of art and ardor. Among its many splendors was a piece that caught every eye—“Start of a Perfect Evening,” a mesmerizing canvas by Monica Márquez Gatica. This painting wasn’t merely a visual feast; it was a journey, a narrative spun from the heart of celebration, echoing the clink of glasses and the whisper of a toast.

The piece was a grand 24×48 inch canvas, where Monica had masterfully poured her soul into every stroke. She had chosen a subject iconic in its own right—the Veuve Clicquot champagne, synonymous with luxury, celebration, and the effervescent joy of life’s finest moments. The bottle sat at the painting’s center, its golden hues a vibrant contrast against the serene backdrop of the Flat Iron mountains, a nod to nature’s grandeur.

Monica’s hybrid fluid realism style brought the champagne to life. The acrylic pouring technique she employed was nothing short of alchemical, transforming vibrant pigments into the very essence of bubbling, sparkling joy. The bottle, with its oil-painted details, was so lifelike one could almost hear the pop and fizz as the cork freed itself, signaling the start of an enchanted evening.

As the backdrop, the Flat Iron mountains loomed, their presence in the painting offering a grounding tranquility—a harmony of earth and celebration. The mountains, a staple of Boulder’s majestic landscape, were depicted with a soft focus, their majestic beauty lending depth and a sense of calm to the canvas.

“Start of a Perfect Evening” became the talk of the town. Art enthusiasts, champagne lovers, and seekers of beauty flocked to the gallery, each wanting to experience the shared joy and sophistication the painting exuded. Its allure was magnetic, promising the warmth of good company and the sparkle of a night to remember.

For those unable to own the original—a treasure now gracing the collection of a discerning patron—the gallery offered limited edition reproductions. These prints, each bearing the touch of Monica’s vision, allowed the champagne’s story to flow into homes, turning spaces into galleries of joy and refined taste.