Detail shot highlighting the oil details in Monica Marquez Gatica's Hybrid Fluid Realism painting of Dom Ruinart 2010 Blanc de Blanc.
Close-up capturing the mesmerizing acrylic pouring effects in Monica Marquez Gatica's painting of Dom Ruinart 2010 Blanc de Blanc.

Dom Ruinart 2010 Blanc de Blanc


“Champagne Symphony on Canvas!”

“Dom Ruinart 2010 Blanc de Blanc”, a shimmering vision of champagne splendor, expertly captured by Monica Fine Art in her unique Hybrid Fluid Realism style. The painting resonates with the elegance of this renowned vintage, as golden bubbles effervesce on the canvas, evoking the satisfying ‘pop’ of a champagne cork. Through masterful brushwork and a sophisticated palette, Monica pays homage to this exquisite champagne, creating a painting that brims with vitality, celebration, and the sparkling allure of life’s finer moments.

A stunning painting of the prestigious Dom Ruinart 2010 Blanc de Blanc by Monica Marquez Gatica, an expressive interpretation of luxury and taste using Hybrid Fluid Realism.
Original. Signed with Certificate
Canvas Reproduction (-$425)
12 x 16
There is only one original!!
12 x 16 (+$135)
18 x 24 (+$185)
24 x 32 (+$260)
30 x 40 (+$345)
Canvas Wrap PRO Innovative Product Design adds a level of sophistication to your walls with the highest quality canvas. Quality Canvas with these key features: Patented Design | 1.25” Depth | Order to Size Finished Backing | Corner Bumpers | & Metal Screw Fasteners. Monica Fine Art Canvas Glicee are printed with latex paints, and built with a solid supported face which prevents sagging or warping over time. We ensure your canvas will always look as tight and flat as the day it was made
16 x 20 (+$75)
Professionally paired and constructed with a Printed Image along with Conservation Mat Board. Ready for framing. IMAGE: Professionally printed, gloss finish on premium digital paper Basis Weight of 100# | M Weight 95 | GSM 270. MAT BOARD: Premium quality, 100% virgin alpha cellulose acid-free white matts, lignin-free and meets the industry’s highest standards for conservation matting. (note: frame not included)
Mirrored Wrap = Reflection of the image onto edges.
1.25-Inch Gallery Wrap
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Longer Description:

Experience the allure of “Dom Ruinart 2010 Blanc de Blanc”, a captivating work of art crafted by Monica Fine Art, embodying the luxurious world of champagne in her signature Hybrid Fluid Realism style. The painting is a vivid portrayal of one of the world’s most coveted Blanc de Blancs, drawing you into the refined and elegant universe of fine wines.

Just as the name Dom Ruinart resonates with quality and prestige in the world of champagnes, Monica’s interpretation reflects the same in the realm of fine art. Each brushstroke resonates with the sparkle of champagne, creating a unique blend of realism and fluidity that captures the champagne’s effervescence and golden hues.

The painting comes alive with a distinctive narrative of celebration, echoing the satisfying ‘pop’ of a champagne cork and the delicate bubbles ascending in a crystal flute. The elegance of the vintage champagne, its rich tradition, and its association with celebration and luxury are encapsulated within the boundaries of this breathtaking artwork.

As an art enthusiast or champagne lover, “Dom Ruinart 2010 Blanc de Blanc” offers a creative fusion of your passions. Monica Fine Art continues to carve her niche in the art world, bringing vibrant, lively, and sophisticated pieces that not only please the eye but also evoke the senses. With its sparkling allure and vibrant portrayal of life’s finer moments, this painting is a toast to the world of fine champagnes and the vivacity of life.


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