Close-up of Monica Marquez Gatica's LAWS Fluid Whiskey painting, revealing intricate oil details of the whiskey bottle.
Zoomed-in segment of Monica Marquez Gatica's LAWS Fluid Whiskey painting, showcasing the swirling patterns of her acrylic pouring technique.

LAWS Fluid Whiskey

“Capturing the Profound Pleasures of Life in Every Sip, or Every Brushstroke”

“LAWS Fluid Whiskey” captures her signature hybrid fluid realism style, contrasting an ethereal acrylic-poured background with the vivid realism of a LAWS whiskey bottle painted in traditional oils. The piece evokes the sensory experience of savoring a quality whiskey, with its dynamic colors and meticulous detail resonating with moments of solace and indulgence. It’s not just art, but a connection to the profound pleasures of life.

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Photo Matted Print (-$425)
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Longer Description:

  • Laws Whiskey House is a distillery located in Denver, Colorado that is dedicated to whiskey. They are redefining Great American Whiskey by creating unique and bold flavor experiences. Every whiskey they make is on its own road creating an heirloom grain, terroir-driven flavor experience for their fellow whiskey hunters. They use the highest quality corn and heirloom wheat, barley, and rye grown by two Colorado family farms to make their grain-forward style whiskeys. Laws Whiskey House is not just a distillery but also a place to come and explore your passion for whiskey. They offer tours of their distillery where you can learn about the whiskey-making process and sample their whiskeys.
  • Colorado has a rich history of western culture and heritage. LAWS Whiskey House is a testament to this history as it embodies the spirit of the west in every bottle of whiskey it produces. The distillery is located in the heart of Denver, which was once a hub for cowboys and gold miners during the gold rush era. The founders of Laws Whiskey House have deep roots in Colorado and are passionate about preserving the state’s heritage and natural resources through their whiskey-making process. They use traditional methods to create their whiskeys, but only Colorado grains grown by small family farms giving their whiskey a distinctive and bold flavor.
  • Laws Whiskey House offers tours of their distillery where you can learn about the whiskey-making process and sample their whiskeys. This is a great way to learn about their world-class, Colorado-made bourbon and ryes while enjoying a great whiskey. By visiting Laws Whiskey House, you can become a part of this rich history and culture while indulging in some of the best whiskeys that Colorado has to offer.
  • Monica Marquez Gatica’s “LAWS Fluid Whiskey” beckons to all who appreciate the finer pleasures of life. Rooted in her signature hybrid fluid realism style, the artwork is a rich tapestry of sensation and sophistication, centered around an object of shared indulgence: LAWS whiskey.
  • The canvas offers an ethereal, swirling background crafted masterfully through acrylic pouring. Tumultuous and dreamlike, the vibrant blend of colors plays with the senses, echoing the multilayered notes one discovers in a sip of quality LAWS whiskey. This background, a dynamic cascade of colors, captures the very essence of timelessness and the sensation of being swept away — much like the first sip from a long-anticipated glass.
  • Emerging from this abstract dreamscape is the LAWS whiskey bottle, painted in lustrous traditional oils. Its stark realism against the fluid background not only anchors the piece but also elevates the bottle to an iconic stature. Through Monica’s meticulous brushwork, one can almost feel the cool, smooth surface of the bottle and sense the deep, amber richness it holds within.
  • “LAWS Fluid Whiskey” isn’t just an artwork; it is an experience. It serves as a reminder of those quiet moments of solace, where one can savor the complexities of a LAWS whiskey. It connects with the audience, resonating with the idea that amidst the ever-swirling chaos of life, there’s a constant, a pleasure, a bottle of good whiskey awaiting to be poured and cherished. Monica Marquez Gatica, through her artistic genius, has forged a bridge between the canvas and the shared joys of life, making “LAWS Fluid Whiskey” an evocative tribute to life’s simple, yet profound, pleasures.

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