Close-up of acrylic pour detail on a hybrid fluid realism painting by Monica Marquez Gatica.
Zoomed-in view of a red wine glass and bottle label in a fluid realism painting.
Detail of acrylic pour technique in a wine glass from a hybrid fluid realism painting.
Artistic detail of a shadow cast by a wine glass in a fluid realism painting.

Vinous Harmony


In “Vinous Harmony,” one can almost hear the clink of glasses and feel the warmth of a smile shared between friends, as Monica captures not just a still life, but the essence of life itself—rich, full-bodied, and resonant with shared experiences. It is a toast to the way wine, much like art, can bridge differences, enhance joy, and celebrate the rich tapestry of human connection. This 24×30 masterpiece captures the intimate dance of light in a glass of white wine and the contemplative depth of red, each glass a vessel of shared stories and personal tastes. Through hybrid fluid realism, the red and white wines are vividly brought to life with acrylic pouring, symbolizing the organic ebb and flow of conversation and laughter that wine often accompanies.

Contemporary wine painting by Monica Marquez Gatica titled 'Vinous Harmony' featuring glasses of red and white wine with acrylic pouring technique on a 24x30 canvas.
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Monica Marquez Gatica’s “Vinous Harmony: A Study in Contrast” extends beyond the canvas, evoking the convivial spirit of shared moments. It’s a compelling exhibition of textures and techniques that portrays a complex interplay between fluidity and meticulous detail. On the 24×30 canvas, two glasses are depicted with astounding realism: one brimming with white wine, its surface a mosaic of light reflections, and the other containing red wine, its burgundy essence rendered with palpable depth. Gatica’s adept use of a hybrid fluid realism style is showcased here, with the wine and the bottle’s contents brought to life through acrylic pouring, endowing these elements with an organic, free-flowing appearance that boldly contrasts with the precise traditional oil techniques used for the glassware, label, shadows, and background.

The painting’s background is a testament to restraint and subtlety, executed with smooth gradients and understated tonal variations that suggest a soft, ambient light source. The shadows cast by the bottle and glasses on the surface add a layer of depth and enhance the realism that Monica has so carefully constructed.

Monica’s choice of this dualistic approach highlights the beauty of contrast in both subject and method, with “Vinous Harmony: A Study in Contrast” serving not only as a title but as a nod to the harmonious blend of spontaneity in the wine’s depiction and the structured precision in the portrayal of the glasses and the bottle’s label. This piece stands as a celebration of the sensory experiences and craftsmanship inherent in the art of winemaking, as well as in the art of painting itself.