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In this post, I recap a recent distillery tour that sparked inspiration to creativity — much like a fine whiskey evolves from grain to glass. Join me as we raise a glass to LAWS — the whiskey, the art, the experience — and to the unforgettable stories waiting to be savored in each sip.

LAWS Whiskey Making – The Barrel Room

As I stepped into the hallowed halls of LAWS Whiskey House, the air was thick with anticipation, and the rich aroma of aging bourbon. The distillery, a cathedral of craftsmanship in the heart of Denver, Colorado, wasn’t just a place where whiskey was made. It was a sanctuary where stories were distilled and each bottle, a novel in itself.

Stacked barrels of bourbon whiskey at LAWS Whiskey House in Denver.

Rows upon rows of bourbon aging gracefully at LAWS Whiskey House, Denver.

The walls whispered tales of old, and the copper stills stood like sentinels of heritage, We didn’t see the milling or fermentation rooms, but the symphony of smells hinted at the future notes of oak, vanilla, and caramel were present. It was here that the dance between tradition and innovation became palpable, much like the paintings of LAWS Whiskey we’d seen, where the fluid acrylic and the precision of oils merged on canvas.

The barrel room was where we spent most of our time, talking and nothing short of stepping into the beating heart of LAWS. Surrounded by stacks of American white oak barrels, each one cradling the liquid gold that is LAWS Whiskey, we felt the hum of time passing. The barrels, charred to perfection, were crafting the character of the whiskey with every season’s ebb and flow.

Close-up of bourbon whiskey barrels with visible batch numbers at LAWS Whiskey House.

Inspecting the batch numbers on bourbon whiskey barrels at LAWS Whiskey House.


The Tasting Experience

The highlight of our tour was, of course, the tasting. During the tour we sampled Bourbon Whiskies, each sip a chapter from a book of flavors. As the amber liquid caressed the palate, it told tales of bold rye spices, of soft corn whispers, and of barley’s sweet murmur. The painting itself was inspired painting to, because well, it is about the tasting now isn’t it 😃

Sampling bourbon directly from the barrel at LAWS Whiskey House.

A firsthand experience of bourbon tasting directly from the barrel at LAWS Whiskey House.

A Toast to LAWS and the Art of Whiskey

Our tour might have ended, but the experience was far from over. I took away more than just an appreciation for a finely crafted whiskey; I took away memories, a deeper understanding of the artistry involved, and the inspiration to paint. The tour was a reminder that every bottle of LAWS Whiskey isn’t just a beverage—it’s a piece of art, it’s history in a glass where every detail matters, and every moment is a tribute to the spirit of Colorado. I hope the tour and the artwork entice whiskey enthusiasts and art lovers alike, to experience LAWS Whiskey House for yourselves.

The inspiration result – Here is the final painting

Hyper-realistic oil painting of LAWS Whiskey House's Intention Straight Bourbon Whiskey bottle with two filled glasses.

Immerse in “The Art of LAWS Intention”

Painting of LAWS whiskey bottle and glasses displayed in a cozy living room.

Enhance your living space with the warmth of fine art and fine whiskey.

See more details about the painting here:

The Art of LAWS Intention – Monica Fine Art

The Art of LAWS Intention